Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving is a day for increasing word count

Well, I'm off today because the college is closed for Thanksgiving break (I think I'm happier about that than my students are).

For those of you in other countries - Thanksgiving is a traditional US holiday where families generally get together to have a huge meal. Usually we cook a big turkey (which we don't usually eat the rest of the year) and mashed potatoes and vegetables and lots of fruit pies for desert. The tradition comes from a story about the early settlers having a huge communal meal after the first big harvest to "give thanks" for their success after toiling so hard. Of course, this was right before half of them froze to death the following winter...

Anyway, it's a major state and federal holiday so practically everything is closed and since people tend to travel long distances fo be with their families the whole thing has evolved into a 5 day weekend starting Wednesday and ending Sunday.

Anyway, I'm free but Lisa has to work at the hospital tonight (sick people still need their care and medicines) so while she's working I'll be cooking our feast (we'll eat at about midnight tonight) and WRITING. I hope to surpass 40k and give myself a chance at finishing this thing over the weekend!

So, while all of the rest of you Americans are watching football this afternoon, I'll be clicking my computer keys and making words come out of my head. For THAT I'll be giving thanks!

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