Monday, November 16, 2009

A great day at the beach

Today was a GREAT beach day - sunny and 77 degrees (25 degrees for those of you outside the U.S.) with a light breeze. The water has gotten rather cold so I only went for a dip a few times (I was the only person in the water). I think the Gulf Stream is way offshore and there's a major counter-current bringing cold water down the coast to North Florida right now. I'll have to start bringing my wetsuit if I want to do any more surfing this year.

Oh- and we did get to see (unexpectedly) the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from where we were. That was VERY cool!!

Anyway, as soon as I opened my notebook my mind absolutely unloaded plot ideas. My hands could hardly keep up and I had a hard time later deciphering my handwriting (which is terrible anyway) but I managed to get most of it on paper. I have lots of scenes to write now and even know how the book is going to end! (Or at least how I think it's going to end...)

I had to do a bunch more prep than anticipated for classes tomorrow (my students come first) so I didn't get much writing done tonight but I'm including another screenshot of Scrivener below for you to see what my virtual work environment looks like.

I'm going to go to sleep and see what my characters do in my dreams!

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